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Reward Points

This reward points can be used for your next purchase to redeem any selected items at our store.

How to earn my Reward Points?

Register as a customer at our store at

Start purchase by choosing any available items at our store (reward point will be given for selected items only):

3Your entitled reward points as stated on the product detail page, as per sample below, you will get 15 points on the purchase of 1 unit of "Butang Baju Melayu Bulat Crown Blue":

4Make payment to JualOnline2u

Your reward points shall be credited to your account once your order is successful. This accumulated reward points can be used for your next purchase to redeem any selected items (in condition that you have enought points to purchase).

How to use my Reward Points?


Logon to your account at

2Select products which you would like to purchase:

On the product's detail page, you shall see the "Price in Reward Points" as per sample below, the points stated is the maximum points needed to purchase the item (however you may also combine payment using points and cash):

Once you have finalized your order, next click on [Cart] logo and [View Cart]:

Verify your items
Next click on [Use Reward Points], you may only use your available points only and must not exceeded the maximum points needed to purchase the item(s). Then click [Apply Points]:

7The message indicates that your reward points has successfully been applied to your order:

8At the bottom of the page, you may verify the final Total excluding shipping charges, next click [Checkout]:


Next, provide your Billing Details, Delivery Details, Delivery Method, Payment Method and finally you may confirm your order.
Follow the instruction to make payment. Click on [Confirm Order] to complete your order.